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Star Trek Documentaries and Challenge Update

This month’s Star Trek post is about four recent documentaries — a couple you’ve probably heard of and a couple you maybe haven’t, ranging from real good to real bad. Check it out and let me know if I’ve missed any!

I’ve made some progress on #readmyowndamnbooks in August, thanks to grad school being over and me wanting to clear some stuff out before I move (again).



  • Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur Vol. 1: BFF by Amy Reeder. Got this for free on Amazon when I bought a hardcopy graphic novel (sweet promotion Amazon!) and it’s cute. Great choice for younger comic fans.
  • “The Birds” & “Don’t Look Now,” two short stories from Daphne du Maurier packaged as one audiobook, read by Peter Capaldi! “The Birds” isn’t great but “Don’t Look Now” was more intense, and Capaldi should read more audiobooks, he’s good at it.

2017 total: 18 paper books, 9 ebooks

I think I’d given myself a goal of four paper books a month when I started in January and this is probably the first time I’ve met it, so yay me. Hopefully I can keep it up and keep moving some of these out of my 1,400-book 750-unread-book collection. >.< (For the curious, I gifted Beebo Brinker to a friend who collects queer books from that era, and am planning to give Paradise away when I disperse a stack of ARCs to friends. I’m keeping the Shatner and the Who book, they were gifts and I want them for my collection anyway. Maybe I’ll start including the books’ destinations in these posts…? Let me know if you like seeing them!)

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