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The Non-Binary Book Club Reads Every Heart a Doorway

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Via [Image: cover of Every Heart a Doorway by Seanan McGuire. The cover shows an open wooden door in a doorframe in the middle of a forest.] What’s the Non-Binary Book Club? While Book Club might have fallen a bit by the wayside as I (and many of the…

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Review: The Boxtrolls (2014)

Before The Boxtrolls came out in 2014, it was getting buzz for its creepy Burton-style animation and a same-sex couple shown in one of the trailers. Then it hit theaters and I heard, well, nothing. That kind of response doesn’t really mean anything except that people didn’t go see it in the first place, but…… Continue reading Review: The Boxtrolls (2014)

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The Non-Binary Book Club Reads Swordspoint

Originally posted on The Lobster Dance:
[Image: Richard St. Vier, looking hella dramatic with flowing cape and sword, on the cover of Swordspoint.] This is very! late! But here it is! Swordspoint by Ellen Kushner. 1987. On the treacherous streets of Riverside, a man lives and dies by the sword. Even the nobles on the…

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Queer stories can’t have queer fandoms?

Once upon a time on the internet, probably five years ago, I read some kind of post about the novel Swordspoint by Ellen Kushner, saying queer people wouldn’t ever be as invested in queer literature as they are in queering straight literature. Essentially that the motivation to create fanworks isn’t there, so the fan commitment will be…… Continue reading Queer stories can’t have queer fandoms?

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Review: The Keepers Trilogy by Lian Tanner

The Keepers Trilogy is a middle-grade fantasy by Lian Tanner, consisting of Museum of Thieves, City of Lies, and Path of Beasts, published 2011-2013 and complete as a trilogy. It’s a hidden gem, found through sheer serendipity — I searched for the word “museum” in my library’s ebook database to see what came up, and Museum of Thieves was the…… Continue reading Review: The Keepers Trilogy by Lian Tanner

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2015 Book Survey

Welcome to the 2015 book survey, designed and hosted by Perpetual Page-Turner! It was super fun last year and allows me to recall the books I read in a more meaningful way, so I’m doing it again. The survey is open to everyone, and there’s a linky in her post. (The graphics also come from that post.) Links…… Continue reading 2015 Book Survey

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20 Reynard-Approved Fox Picture Books

Reynard the Fox has a great many children, and they all love books about foxes, particularly picture books. I also happen to love picture books, so I’ve become something of an expert in the “picture books about foxes” subgenre. Reynard has two rules for foxy picture books: No cannibalism or attempted cannibalism. Talking foxes do not…… Continue reading 20 Reynard-Approved Fox Picture Books

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Meet the Malimores: Thad, Reynard, and Micah

Well, technically I think Reynard’s last name is “the Fox,” but close enough… Thad, Reynard, and Micah are the fathers of Diana, Cleo, and Aldra Malimore, the heroes of a fantasy serial currently in progress. For information about Rose B. Fischer’s fantasy serial, The Foxes of Synn, go here. For an introduction to Reynard, my…… Continue reading Meet the Malimores: Thad, Reynard, and Micah

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Sunday Post – An Introduction to Reynard the Fox

Rose B. Fischer has been my friend and writing partner for quite some time now, and a lot of our characters know each other. This summer, she’s releasing installments of a serial story about three fox sisters named Aldra, Diana, and Cleo, set on a world called Synn. (The first one is free today, check it…… Continue reading Sunday Post – An Introduction to Reynard the Fox

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#LazyLambs Book Club: A Dirty Job by Christopher Moore

The #LazyLambs Book Club returns, as promised! This time around we read A Dirty Job by Christopher Moore, and again we’ve each posed a question. If you do your own post, answering these discussion questions or posing your own, drop your post in the linky below — or you can just chitchat in the comments section, of…… Continue reading #LazyLambs Book Club: A Dirty Job by Christopher Moore