Sensitivity Reader and Editing Services

If you read my blog, you know I care about books, and about diverse representation in those books. I also believe that writers can and will create characters outside their own experiences, not only for their own benefit but in service of a more realistic story that shows a variety of people with different backgrounds and identities, like people have in the real world. To that end, I’m offering my services as a sensitivity reader (and/or editor, if you so desire). Prices and more info are below.

What’s a Sensitivity Reader?

A sensitivity reader is a person you hire to read your novel manuscript (or short story, article, screenplay, whatever) and give you feedback on representation issues, based on their perspective as a member of the community in question. This is generally applied to diversity issues (race, sexuality, etc.) but you might also ask someone to give feedback based on their experiences working in a given profession or living in a certain area.

Writing in the Margins explains the idea in more detail and maintains a list of readers, where I will soon be listed. It’s fine to contact me directly, you don’t have to go through them, but feel free to shop around for readers who suit your work. Lots of people want near-complete manuscripts, but I’m flexible on that and I’ve included super cheap options for answering questions or just reading individual scenes if you feel like you need a second opinion right away!


I’ve spent 6+ years working in public libraries, so I’m familiar with a lot of genres and readerships. (I also read 300 books a year, so you know, you get a sense of things). I’ve got an impending MA in history, with all the reading, writing, and critiquing that entails. Plus life experience, which is presumably the main reason you want a reader.

I can comment on:

  • Bisexuality/pansexuality and queerness
  • Asexuality
  • Asperger’s (mild, not diagnosed as a child)
  • Anxiety
  • Being from the Deep South (Alabama, Georgia, Mississippi)
  • Being agnostic/ex-Christian
  • Academia/historical profession/public history & museum studies

What I Read

Pretty much everything. Nonfiction, adult, YA, children’s and middle grade, picture books, all fine.

Favorite genres: Sci-fi, fantasy, comics (scripts OK), queer lit 

Least favorite: Contemporary romance, personal memoirs, thrillers without SFF elements, sports


Prices are comparatively low, partly because I know people aren’t rich, and partly because I’m a fast reader and feel these prices are appropriate for the amount of time required for me to be thorough. If you feel you have a special case due to length or some other reason, feel free to email me and ask. I’m also very happy to get questions and read scenes, since as a writer myself, I feel like I need more help with specifics than overall themes.

Answer a question: $5
Editorial Feedback Sensitivity Reading Editorial AND Sensitivity
Article/Chapter $25 $25 $30
Children’s/Middle Grade $75 $75 $120
Adult Book $125 $125 $175
Copyediting Editorial, Sensitivity, AND Copyediting
Article/Chapter $30 $45
Children’s/Middle Grade $100 $170
Adult Book $150 $250

I accept Paypal, Ko-fi, and Amazon gift cards (you can arrange this with me in the initial email exchange). Payment must be received beforehand — this way you know I’ll do a good job because I don’t have to wonder if I’ll get paid for it!