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LGBT+ Picture Books: The Exceptions

We’re finishing up queer picture books week today! I’ve mentioned a lot of books I like and talked about all the kinds of books that don’t really seem to exist yet, so I thought I’d finish up by talking about four exceptions that didn’t really fit into the other categories. Some of them are just…… Continue reading LGBT+ Picture Books: The Exceptions

Children's & Middle Grade · Picture Books · Queer

LGBT+ Picture Books: Acting Like Animals

So far in our week of queer-friendly picture books we’ve talked about inclusive family lists, books explaining same-sex parents, and books about trans or genderqueer toddlers. As discussed yesterday, there are hardly any queer kids depicted in picture books. Gender seems to be easier for authors to address because we have so many gendered objects…… Continue reading LGBT+ Picture Books: Acting Like Animals

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Sunday Summary 9/28 – Wrapping up Banned Books Week

The Banned Books Week Blog Party was great, thanks entirely to you fine bloggers out there! I’m surprised and pleased by how many posts there were. My friend Gene’O of Sourcerer and Just Gene’O was kind enough to create a Pinterest board for all of them: Here are my five posts from this week,…… Continue reading Sunday Summary 9/28 – Wrapping up Banned Books Week


Reblog: Banned Books Week: Speak by Laurie Halse Anderson

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Inspired by the Banned Books Blog Party hosted by Hannah Givens over at Things Matter. Speak by Laurie Halse Anderson I don’t remember exactly when I picked up this book. I’d put it anywhere between senior year of high school and second year of college. I was reading a lot…

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Reblog: Pear Trees Are Obscene! Hurston’s “Their Eyes Were Watching God”

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I’m a sexy beast. Click here for source of photo.  This post contributes to the Banned Books Blog Party hosted by hannah at her blog Things Matter.  Click here for more about her blog and the banned books blog party. ? Pear trees in bloom should be banned.  They are just…

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Reblog: Reading with Wild Things

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(This post is part of the Banned Books Blog Party at Things Matter.) Last night, we read Biscuit and The Color Kittens and Where the Wild Things Are. Sometimes it’s Clifford or Ninja Turtles or Goodnight, Moon.  I read banned books. And I read them to my son. I say this loudly. I wear it like a badge. I write…

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Reblog: #RaisingReaders Monday: fREADom

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Artwork courtesy of the American Library Association Do you find it strange that we have a Banned Books awareness campaign in the United States? I mean, seriously, is this something we actually need to think about here and now? Most Americans realize that banning books is a thing of the past,…

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Banned Books Week: Pamela

Pamela, or Virtue Rewarded is a novel from 1740 written by Samuel Richardson, and the subject of my undergrad thesis. I’m studying its cultural impact. Pamela doesn’t stir up much controversy now, it’s not generally assigned to anyone to read, but when it was first published it was a pretty big deal! A debate raged over the appropriate content…… Continue reading Banned Books Week: Pamela

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Reblog: Thursday Thirteen: Banned and Challenged Classics

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In case you haven’t heard, it’s Banned Books Week. Since I’m a fan of books and I love intellectual freedom, I feel as though it would be a sin to let the week pass without a banned books post. As I mentioned earlier today, Hannah Givens is hosting a week-long banned…