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Complete “A to Z of LGBT+ Comics Characters” List (with bonuses!)

A list of all this month’s A to Z of LGBT+ Comics Characters posts! I’ve got some bonus characters at the bottom who I couldn’t wedge into my 26 posts, too… I’ve included labels for your convenience, but I’ll reiterate that the whole point of this series is these characters are awesome and LGBT+ and here is where to find them. It is never my intention to reduce these people to labels or to say you should read them solely because of those labels!

A – Apollo & Midnighter — gay couple
B – Batwoman — lesbian
C – Coagula — trans woman
D – Dolltopia (plus Fox Bunny Funny) — trans issues
E – Elfquest — pansexual/polyamorous culture
F – Fake — yaoi/gay romance
G – Green Lantern (Alan Scott) — gay
H – Hulkling & Wiccan — gay couple
I – Turpent-I-ne — queer webcomic
J – John Constantine — bisexual man
K – Kevin Keller — gay
L – Loki — genderfluid
M – Moondragon — bisexual woman
N – Northstar — gay
O – Obsidian — gay
P – Pied Piper — gay
Q – The Question — lesbian
R – Rawra Chin — trans woman
S – Sunstone — lesbian BDSM romace
T – Thomas Blake (Catman) — bisexual man
I – Tim G-U-nn — gay/asexual
V – Victoria Hand — lesbian
W – Wanda (from Sandman) — trans woman
X – X-Men — metaphorical representation/gay characters
Y – Alysia Yeoh — trans/bisexual woman
Z – Sam Zhao — gay

I link to Comixology a lot in the posts. Those are direct links, not affiliate links, but if you use my referral link here you’ll get $5 off!

Bonus Characters (links to wikis)

And again, stay tuned tomorrow for the official A to Z reflection and super-special super-exciting super-awesome announcement!

14 thoughts on “Complete “A to Z of LGBT+ Comics Characters” List (with bonuses!)

  1. I do know!? Stаted Larry. ?I wager he likes angels aѕ
    a result of he haas them around all of the time. Perrhаps he and the angels play
    household games like we ddо sometimes. Perhwps tһey play Monopoly.?
    This made Mommy snort actually hard.


  2. Thanks for this! It’ll make for easy referencing later. 🙂 And yay for getting to the end of the challenge!!!


  3. Woo hoo! Congratulations on completing the challenge! I’ve really enjoyed your posts and will definitely be popping in in the future 🙂

    Fee | Wee White Hoose
    Scottish Mythology and Folklore A-Z



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