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Tinker Bell Answers: My Little Pony and a List of Fairy Talents

Tinker Bell DVD CoverIt’s no secret that I love the Tinker Bell/Disney Fairies movies. Last year I wrote essays/reviews of all the movies then available: Tinker Bell, The Lost Treasure, The Great Fairy Rescue, Secret of the Wings, The Pirate Fairy, and Pixie Hollow Games. Wednesday I added to that list with the new release, Legend of the Neverbeastwhich is my current favorite. So, it’s understandable that I get search hits related to Tinker Bell. I’ve been keeping track of them, and now that I’ve rewatched all the movies, I’m here to answer your questions! Some called for whole posts: this one on Tinker Bell vs. My Little Pony, one on Tinker Bell’s identity, and one on concepts in the series. The rest will be answered in one big post next week. Some search hits were directing people exactly where they needed to go (which makes me very happy!) and I’ve omitted those searches entirely to avoid misdirection. Others were not just vague but illegible, so I’ve omitted those as well. Most surprisingly, it seems that someone, somewhere, is using Tinker Bell in a classroom. Kudos to you, awesome teacher!

“my little pony is the same as tinkerbell”

In my first review, I actually compared the movie to a cross between My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic and A Bug’s Life. But I assume you, fair Googler, were looking for examples and reasons, not just notifying the internet. 😉

Pixie Hollow and Equestria have similar systems where each person has a clearly-demonstrated and permanent talent. On MLP, these talents are much more individualized. When a pony discovers their special talent, apparently in early puberty, they get a “cutie mark” on their flank that symbolizes that talent. In Pixie Hollow, when a new fairy is magically born from a baby’s laugh, the new fairy walks around a circle of tools representing the different talents, and one glows. So, there are only certain talents to choose from, and each fairy joins an existing group of fairies with the same general occupation.

The two properties are also the same kind of fantasy, with similar tones and magical systems. They both feature six-person central groups, and all twelve main characters are female without that being a huge deal in the story. (See below for a list of “who’s who” in comparison!) Both series teach lessons about friendship and integrity.

“tinkerbell all talents”

The talents are an important structural element in both Pixie Hollow and MLP, so I’m glad you came to me, Googler… Google couldn’t give me a list of the talents either. I counted and ten are shown in first Tinker Bell scene, but not all of them are shown clearly. I noted the talents mentioned in the movies, and I did come up with ten:

  • “Garden fairies”
  • Water/dew
  • Something about leaves
  • “Fast-flying fairies” (wind powers)
  • Tinkers
  • Animal fairies
  • “Music fairies” mentioned once in the first movie
  • Dustkeepers
  • Scouts
  • “Snowflake and frost” fairies — They’re called this in the first movie, and one of the talents shown is a snowflake. However, in Secret of the Wings which is all about the winter fairies, they seem to have subtalents like “frost fairy” and “glacier fairy.” These may just be specializations within the overall winter talent.

“tinkerbell’s talent”

She’s a Tinker. More on this tomorrow. 😉

“which mlp characters are like the pixie fairies”

The Pirate Fairy dresses

  • Tinker Bell = Twilight Sparkle. The central character who solves problems with her brain!
  • Vidia = Rainbow Dash. The one with wind powers who’s competitive, snarky, and prone to betraying her friends (although she always learns better).
  • Fawn = Fluttershy. They both have animal talents! Fawn’s personality is more sporty like Rainbow Dash or Applejack, though.
  • Rosetta = Pinkie Pie. The fun, cute one! Rosetta also has some of Rarity’s personality, though, and Applejack’s nature talent.
  • Silvermist = Rarity, although her personality is more Fluttershy.
  • Iridessa = Applejack, at least in story terms. Sort of the reliable one.
  • Blaze = Spike. The animal companion.
  • Periwinkle = Princess Cadance. The long-lost sister/childhood friend of the main character, who’s super sweet!
  • Queen Clarion = Princess Celestia. Of course.
  • Nyx = Princess Luna. Nyx is a new character from Neverbeast, but she mirrors Luna’s dark-to-light journey.

Mane Six

I could go on, but I’ll spare you! I love this kind of thing, though. It’s so interesting to see how similar stories end up with similar characters, or why they don’t. I’ve got a Batman = NCIS list floating around here somewhere…

Check back tomorrow for a deeper look at Tinker Bell’s talent!

And if you happen to have Tinker Bell questions of your own, leave them in the comments, of course. 😉

7 thoughts on “Tinker Bell Answers: My Little Pony and a List of Fairy Talents

  1. By the way, in the tinker bell talents bit, you technically cannot choose a winter fairy talent if you’re a warm fairy. And also you missed out light fairies so if you replace the winter talents and replace it with light, it would make sense.


  2. And I’ll bet Zarina (the pirate fairy) would be Sunset Shimmer in MLP: Equestria Girls. They’re quite the same, according to their role and appearance in the shows.


  3. Nicely done! As the father of a 4 1/2-year-old girl, I spend a lot of time in both of these universes, and I’m kicking myself for not having noted the parallels earlier! (although I do note that these shows, and other kids’ shows with sci-fi/fantasy elements, like Wally Kazam! and Little Charmers, tend to feature the same plots. Only MLP does it with Q and Weird Al).


    1. That’s awesome! I haven’t seen those other two shows, but I’m not surprised there are similar plots. That would be a whole essay itself, I imagine.



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