Update: October Halloween Theme!

Phew. Unannounced month-long hiatus there. I realized — after making last month’s update post about being proud of the few but detailed posts I’d put up recently, which I still stand by — that I really needed a brain break. I went into my Goodreads today to log a book, and realized I hadn’t read anything between September 13-29. It was a cleansing break, though. While I’ve been away, I’ve mostly been experiencing frustrated plans and untaken trips, not to mention political events that turn my stomach, but some good things too. I’m working on a project with my writing partner that I’m really excited about — more details coming soonish — and I made the jump from “puppet enthusiast” to “I think I wanna maybe do some amateur puppetry,” which I’m equally excited about. Something new and different and creative that I hadn’t predicted loving so much.


It’s finally starting to feel like fall, after the interminable Georgia summer, and I always start feeling good in the fall. It is both the cozy season and the spooky atmospheric one, so it suits both sides of my personality. And it’s the season of being able to do stuff for me, both because the academic year has started again (with all its many opportunities) and because I no longer want to die every time I walk out the door.

The first fall holiday is Halloween! My loved one and I are decorating, and planning to give out candy, neither of which I’ve really done before, so it’s kind of like a whole new holiday. (We didn’t celebrate Halloween when I was a kid… Not because it was un-Christian, but because it was an expensive made-up candy holiday. Lol.) For the past several years I’ve always made it a point to read spooky books and watch spooky movies, but I’m ramping it up this year, especially because my loved one is a mega horror nerd. I like the cute spoopy stuff and the atmospheric spooky stories, but I don’t mind branching out here and there, in the spirit of the season.

So, finally getting around to the point, I don’t know if I’ll be at one post a week or two, but what I do put up in October will be Halloween-inspired. Spooky stuff, monsters, scares and creeps. Enjoy!

2 thoughts on “Update: October Halloween Theme!

  1. Halloween was always one of my favorite holidays and still is. It is a time of masks and things lurking in the darkness. Sadly those things have spread to all year, especially in the political arena. Sigh. I am sending you two collections of my horror tales. The first tale in each co-stars an unapologetic lesbian actress right after WWII when following where your heart led was not appreciated. You don’t have to read them of course, but the covers are beautiful, and they contain beautiful color images. Perhaps your loved one will enjoy the tales. I hope you and your loved one enjoys this first Halloween! 🙂



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