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Review: Writing and Selling Your Novel by Jack M. Bickham

Do you wanna hear about my favorite book on writing? Yay! If you’ve been around the blog a while, you know I’m an aspiring author. Always have been, due to my obsession with books. (I think readers can’t help but contemplate what they’d write themselves, and most of us give it a try.) Fiction writing…… Continue reading Review: Writing and Selling Your Novel by Jack M. Bickham

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Feminist Friday Review: How to Suppress Women’s Writing by Joanna Russ

Where in the heck did I hear about How to Suppress Women’s Writing by Joanna Russ? If you wrote a blog post about her in the past couple of months, do let me know. Anyway, Russ was an influential science fiction writer in the 1970s, so I’d been aware of her for a while and always meant…… Continue reading Feminist Friday Review: How to Suppress Women’s Writing by Joanna Russ

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Review: Seven Men by Max Beerbohm

I’m picky about short stories. They have to be truly amazing for me to care at all. Where worldbuilding or a few interesting characters might get me through a novel, a short story has limited pages to make an impression. I have some I like, mostly science fiction (or scifi-inflected) with the occasional classic like…… Continue reading Review: Seven Men by Max Beerbohm

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First Impressions: Stephen King

Friends, until this year I had never read a book by Stephen King, nor seen any of the movies based on his work. I love vampires and werewolves and spooky-scary things, but I’ve never been that into horror as such. His memoir/writer’s advice book On Writing is almost universally lauded as one of the best writing books…… Continue reading First Impressions: Stephen King

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Weekend Coffee Share: Spring Break

If we were having coffee, well… I’m already halfway through a crackaccino. That’s a cappuccino with some undefined number of extra shots. (I’m sure they’d tell me how many if I asked…) I don’t usually drink much coffee, once or twice a week, so this is a lot for me, but I can hardly stay…… Continue reading Weekend Coffee Share: Spring Break

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News: You Can Pay Me to Read Your Manuscript

If you read my blog, you know I care about books, and about diverse representation in those books. I also believe that writers can and will create characters outside their own experiences, not only for their own benefit but in service of a more realistic story that shows a variety of people with different backgrounds…… Continue reading News: You Can Pay Me to Read Your Manuscript


How I Use

Habitica, previously HabitRPG, is a productivity app/site that “gamifies” your life, assigning XP to daily tasks and giving virtual rewards in the form of equipment etc. for your character. Habitica pretty much runs my life now, and I promised in my post on writing approaches that I’d explain how I use it. It took a good…… Continue reading How I Use

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20 Reynard-Approved Fox Picture Books

Reynard the Fox has a great many children, and they all love books about foxes, particularly picture books. I also happen to love picture books, so I’ve become something of an expert in the “picture books about foxes” subgenre. Reynard has two rules for foxy picture books: No cannibalism or attempted cannibalism. Talking foxes do not…… Continue reading 20 Reynard-Approved Fox Picture Books


Flash Fiction: A Station 6 Garden Party

As usual, I’m squeaking in at the end of Taliana’s party. The theme this time is a Garden Party, so I figured it would be fun to revisit my space station characters from several parties ago. And apparently when I think “Garden Party,” I think “Alice in Wonderland.” Also, I had a bit of a…… Continue reading Flash Fiction: A Station 6 Garden Party