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Reblog: Banned Book Week: Annie on My Mind

Exactly why people try to ban books, and exactly why they never should.

Reshaping Reality

Annie on my Mind by Nancy Garden
Annie on my Mind by Nancy Garden

I don’t recall how I found this book, but I do remember where I was when I finished reading the final page. I was sitting under a tree at college and there was snow on the ground. I had devoured that book in the span of a day, and as I sat there, with it clenched in my hands, I pressed it against my face and wept. Here was the affirmation I had long sought, and for the moments I spent in its pages, I felt alive and, most importantly, like I mattered.

Annie and Liza gave me hope. Ms Widmer and Ms. Stevenson gave me courage.

“If you you two remember nothing else from all this,” Ms. Widmer said, “remember that. Please. Don’t—don’t punish yourselves for people’s ignorant reactions to what we all are.”

“Don’t let ignorance win,” said Ms. Stevenson. “Let…

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