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Blog Updates and Schedule

Hello all!

Now that I’ve been blogging for about six months, I have a better idea of what posts I like to write, how long it takes to write different kinds of posts, and what posts people engage with the most. I’ve been needing a bit more order for my blogging schedule, so that I know what I’m doing and readers can get a grasp on what they can expect.

Right now I’m planning to post on whatever (pop culture stuff, writing, personal essays, etc.) in the first half of the week, Monday or Tuesday, and make history-related posts Thursday or Friday. I’ve been basically doing that this month and I’ve liked the rhythm. Within that, I have ongoing series I plan to continue at their current once-a-month-ish rates: novel updates, C.S. Lewis reading posts, Reasons to Love History, museum visits, reviews of Ms. Marvel and other media, etc. Rose and I are in talks to do a shared monthly feature too, looking forward to that!

Joined Facebook

In other news, I made a Facebook fan page yesterday which you are all welcome to go and like! I don’t know if I’ll really do anything with it, but at least it offers another way for people to follow the blog if they’re not on WordPress, and I may post links or quotes or other items I find on the internet. I think I’ll really like it as a networking tool and way to share other people’s posts — assuming I remember I have it.

I also added a new header! The idea is I can switch things out depending on what’s going on in the blog. I’m not really liking the way it displays down inside the gray bar instead of just taking up the bar, or the way the Elegant Grunge theme adds its own grunge to the pic, but I looked through all the free themes again and still like this one the best, so I’ll just live with it for the moment.

Finally, I’ve made just a couple of changes to streamline the sidebar.


5 thoughts on “Blog Updates and Schedule

    1. It wasn’t showing up for me using Firefox, so I set it again while in Firefox, and now it’s showing up (although it looks sized differently than it did in Chrome)…



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