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Reblog: Banning Books, Banning Voices: A Banned Books Week Post

Reading is education.

Part Time Monster

It’s Banned Books week. And as you guys well know, we at Part Time Monster love books. As a literature student, I have spent and still spend significant portions of my time reading and interpreting texts. And my Monster contributors are avid readers and interpreters, too. With the exceptions of Gene’O (who we all know has a predilection for literature) and Cat, I met every Monster contributor at some point in my college career, most of them in literature classes.

And all this reminds me a bit of a story. When Cat and I were young—probably around 11 or so—she was reading things I wasn’t really allowed to read. Of course, I don’t think she was allowed to read those things, either, but there were books in her house that weren’t in my house, books that were violent, books that had copious amounts of sex in them, books that had cursing. Books…

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