What Dreams (Sci-Fi and Writing)

What Dreams is the working title for my sci-fi book project — a space opera about mad scientists. Sem is a gender-phasing plant-based alien who’s using his people’s aggressive politics to disguise the fact that he wants to blow up the universe. Skuyler blew up a planet and is now torn between suicide by law enforcement and defecting to another alien race — if he can locate the alien race in question. When he meets Sem, he’ll have to decide if he wants to stop his project or help it along. I post monthly updates on my progress, as well as essays on writing and other related topics — links are below.

For more information about the plot and characters, you may be interested in these posts: Plot and characters.

If you’re writing sci-fi, follow this blog, comment below, email me, or whatever. I haven’t found many sci-fi writer blogs so I’d love to follow you back at minimum, and I’d also love to compare notes, share resources, trade beta-reading as time allows, etc. The same goes for fellow sci-fi readers!

What Dreams has its own Pinterest board, if you like that sort of thing.

Check out these tags to find posts:

Novel updates

Monthly word count, what I’ve learned during the month, and my supplemental reading or viewing in the sci-fi genre.

Sunday Posts

Links to new blogs I’m following, what’s going in my offline life, what’s coming up the next week on the blog, and any writing-related stuff that happened that week.

On Writing

Essays and topical posts.

Short Stories

Any short stories I post — probably not WD-related.

Finally, check out the plain old “Writing” category for all writing posts combined!


7 thoughts on “What Dreams (Sci-Fi and Writing)

  1. I have 2 writing projects at the moment. One is a book on character and how we can promote and encourage good character in ourselves and those around us and the other is a sci-fi/fantasy book that is very much a work in progress. I have a very rough outline.


  2. Hey Hannah. Great post! As someone who has written sci-fi, I congratulate you on your book endeavor. I dig the title and the plot sounds very interesting. I’ve been developing a book myself about some of my real life experiences which oddly enough fit right into the world of science fiction lol. Anyways, looking forward to reading more posts!



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