Guest Posts and A to Z Thoughts

This month’s Star Trek column on Comparative Geeks is a short review of the mobile game Trexels! I also recently reviewed a similar game called High School Story, one of my favorites. I also had the pleasure of writing for Write On Sisters again last week, with a post on ways writers can use the…… Continue reading Guest Posts and A to Z Thoughts

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#WeekendCoffeeShare: Star Trek Column and Happy New Year

First, I’m on Comparative Geeks today talking about upcoming stuff in “Star Trek: The Year Ahead,” check it out and let me know what posts you’d like to see! Second, if we were having coffee, I’d be having espresso and already be jittering in my seat ready to go. I’m tearing through my to-do list…… Continue reading #WeekendCoffeeShare: Star Trek Column and Happy New Year


Sunday Post – Caffeinated #Queerpop Edition

If we were having coffee, I’d be pretty excited about it. 😀 I’m mostly limiting caffeinated coffee to writing sessions at the moment, but in virtual coffee time, I can be as hopped up as I want and it won’t hurt a thing later on! Biggest excitement: #queerpop starts on Tuesday. It’s a weekly series…… Continue reading Sunday Post – Caffeinated #Queerpop Edition


Novel Update #12 – Rampant Success

What Dreams is at 28,813 words! This month’s update is mostly about the numbers, along with two supplemental reading recommendations. Goals Met: I passed 28,785 words, making this the longest single project I’ve ever written! This functioned as a particularly effective goal, so I think the new one will be 57,570 — twice as long. That’s around…… Continue reading Novel Update #12 – Rampant Success

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Feminist Friday: What Are Strong Female Characters?

You may have noticed I’ve been blogging about female characters all week! Well, there’s a reason: I want to discuss the concept of “strong female characters” today. That phrase gets thrown around a lot, but people have widely varying ideas of a) what a strong female character is, and b) what a strong female character…… Continue reading Feminist Friday: What Are Strong Female Characters?

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How “My Story Can Beat Up Your Story” Works: The Plot

In my last novel update, I mentioned the book My Story Can Beat Up Your Story and how it’s been useful to me as a writing guide. Something I should’ve clarified in my novel update is that this book is really about story structure on a basic level. That’s one of the reasons it can…… Continue reading How “My Story Can Beat Up Your Story” Works: The Plot


Alien August!

So I created a race of hedonistic cloud people for Alien August over at Scifiideas.com. Check it out! The competition runs until the end of August, so there’s still time to submit an alien profile if you’re interested. I’m trying not to come up with story ideas about the clouds, but it’s a losing battle…


Flash Fiction: “Rawr!”

One of Nerd in the Brain’s summer challenges is “Write a short story about a dinosaur meeting an alien.” I happen to have a character who’s an alien dinosaur, so my first thought was “Gamma meeting himself!” and I wrote up a little story about it. Enjoy! Gamma had always loved dinosaurs. When he was little, he’d…… Continue reading Flash Fiction: “Rawr!”

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The Writing Process Blog Tour

I was tagged for the Writing Process Blog Tour by CompGeekDavid of DBCII and Comparative Geeks! I appreciate it very much, and I really enjoy both those blogs, check them out! The rules for the tour are simple: Link to the previous blogger Answer the four writing-process-related questions Nominate/tag three more bloggers Here are my…… Continue reading The Writing Process Blog Tour