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LGBT+ Picture Books: OMG Dresses!

On Monday we talked about family list books including same-sex parents. Yesterday we talked about the slightly more sophisticated books for toddlers explaining that same-sex parents are just like other parents and their kids are happy. Some of these books are adorable and great, but they don’t talk about gender, bisexuality, or trans identities for…… Continue reading LGBT+ Picture Books: OMG Dresses!

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#queerpop review: Ancillary Justice by Ann Leckie

Last week, I shared the Non-Binary Book Club’s discussion of Ancillary Justice by Ann Leckie. This is a followup post with my own thoughts now that I’ve finished the book. Fair warning, this “review” is pretty much all about me. This book was difficult and challenging and very much worth all the time and effort…… Continue reading #queerpop review: Ancillary Justice by Ann Leckie

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Complete “A to Z of LGBT+ Comics Characters” List (with bonuses!)

A list of all this month’s A to Z of LGBT+ Comics Characters posts! I’ve got some bonus characters at the bottom who I couldn’t wedge into my 26 posts, too… I’ve included labels for your convenience, but I’ll reiterate that the whole point of this series is these characters are awesome and LGBT+ and here is…… Continue reading Complete “A to Z of LGBT+ Comics Characters” List (with bonuses!)

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A to Z: Alysia Yeoh

Our final transgender character of the month, Alysia Yeoh is a supporting character in the New 52 Batgirl series. Created by the wonderful Gail Simone as Barbara Gordon’s roommate, Alysia is an aspiring chef of Singaporean descent and a local activist, enlisting Barbara in efforts to create a free-to-all community garden and things of that nature. She’s fun,…… Continue reading A to Z: Alysia Yeoh

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A to Z: Wanda from Sandman

Sandman. Neil Gaiman’s long comic series, one of the best ever written. Intense, literary, fantasy-horror from the early 90s… When I was born. Notable for so many reasons and so many characters. Today, though, we’re just talking about Wanda, a trans character from volume five, A Game of You. Opinions about Wanda are sharply divided and strongly…… Continue reading A to Z: Wanda from Sandman

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A to Z: Rawra Chin

Rawra Chin hails from Hypothetical Lizard, a graphic novel from Avatar Press in 2007. It’s based on an earlier short story by the great Alan Moore, creator of Watchmen, V for Vendetta, and other awesome things, and the comic version I have actually prints the story in the back, so you’re covered on all counts! It’s…… Continue reading A to Z: Rawra Chin

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A to Z: Dolltopia

And now we’ve arrived at an indie comic! Dolltopia by Abby Denson, from Green Candy Press in 2006. You may know Abby Denson from Cool Japan Guide, Tough Love, or some issues of comics like Powerpuff Girls and Josie and the Pussycats. I didn’t know her at all, although I’ve randomly seen her name several times since I read this…… Continue reading A to Z: Dolltopia

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A to Z: Coagula

We’re delving into the obscure for our letter C: Coagula, a minor heroine from 90s Doom Patrol! While there are other trans characters in comics, some of whom I’ll be discussing later this month, Coagula, aka Kate Godwin, is the only trans superhero. She’s generous and level-headed, and when she got powers (the ability to dissolve and coagulate matter),…… Continue reading A to Z: Coagula

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A to Z Theme Reveal: LGBT+ Comics Characters!

Y’all know me — I’m all about the comics and I’m all about the LGBT+ representation. For my very first A to Z blogging challenge, I’m combining the two. This month will be constructed of an alphabetical list of some of the most awesomely amazing LGBT+ characters in comics! I know a lot of readers…… Continue reading A to Z Theme Reveal: LGBT+ Comics Characters!


Novel Update #4: Scene Lists

What Dreams Update: My outline board looks the same, and I’m at 11,792 words. I’ve been doing some editing and scene replacements this month, so the word count hasn’t changed a lot. On Scene Lists and Editing: I’m almost done with the first section! The protagonists will have left planet number 1 by next month. I…… Continue reading Novel Update #4: Scene Lists