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Sunday Summary 11/16 – Thesis update

There went another week! I’m having one of those days where I look at what I’ve done and think “Really? Three months of work and this is all you’ve got?” But here’s a to-do list updated from last week: Finish the unimportant part of Pamela.  Skim a few more sources and integrate them, particularly where…… Continue reading Sunday Summary 11/16 – Thesis update

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Sunday Summary 9/28 – Wrapping up Banned Books Week

The Banned Books Week Blog Party was great, thanks entirely to you fine bloggers out there! I’m surprised and pleased by how many posts there were. My friend Gene’O of Sourcerer and Just Gene’O was kind enough to create a Pinterest board for all of them: http://www.pinterest.com/sourcererblog/banned-books-blog-party-2014/ Here are my five posts from this week,…… Continue reading Sunday Summary 9/28 – Wrapping up Banned Books Week

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Sunday Summary 8/3 – Romance! Feminism! Sci-fi!

New to the Blogroll: Romance Novels for Feminists. I’ve been kinda getting into romance this summer, just a teeny bit. I actually found this blog because I was trying to read Outlander and ended up throwing it down, crying out to the heavens as I have before, “DO ALL ROMANCE NOVELS HAVE TO BE SEXIST??”…… Continue reading Sunday Summary 8/3 – Romance! Feminism! Sci-fi!