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A Writer’s Guide to Conquest and Assimilation, Part 2

In part 1, I talked about the basic options open to a group of conquerors looking to control a population: Force, charm, and the non-conquest conquest. In part 2, I’m elaborating on some specific areas to think about within those overall strategies: Intermarriage, religion, infrastructure, and education.INTERMARRIAGEIntermarriage is Assimilation 101. You really don’t have to do anything,…… Continue reading A Writer’s Guide to Conquest and Assimilation, Part 2

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Nezahualcoyotl: History and Historiography

This is adapted from my Spanish Conquest research paper. It describes Nezahualcoyotl, one of the most fascinating historical characters I’ve encountered, and also embraces the historiography of his life in modern times. I’ve changed the language, targeted it to general readers instead of to a specialist in Latin American history, added some fun facts, and…… Continue reading Nezahualcoyotl: History and Historiography