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Sunday Post – Women in Museums

I’ve promised you a post about Marvel movie women, and it’s coming! But first, an aside in regard to women not from comic books: Women in my chosen nonprofit area, the museum field. One of my classes this semester is about museum administration. It sounds boring, it’s not, but either way bear with me for…… Continue reading Sunday Post – Women in Museums


Novels & Human Rights Part 1: The First Novels

Have I mentioned that novels as a genre helped invent human rights as a legal concept…? Of course I have! I spent last fall researching one of the earliest English novels, Pamela, or Virtue Rewarded by Samuel Richardson. My senior thesis was all about how that novel built public empathy, and how that empathy led…… Continue reading Novels & Human Rights Part 1: The First Novels

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Banned Books Week: Pamela

Pamela, or Virtue Rewarded is a novel from 1740 written by Samuel Richardson, and the subject of my undergrad thesis. I’m studying its cultural impact. Pamela doesn’t stir up much controversy now, it’s not generally assigned to anyone to read, but when it was first published it was a pretty big deal! A debate raged over the appropriate content…… Continue reading Banned Books Week: Pamela