Novels & Human Rights Part 2: The Pamela Media Bomb

As you may recall from last week, Robinson Crusoe and Pamela both became bestsellers of their times, and Pamela outstripped RC. In its first year after publication, Pamela went through four English editions, one French translation, and several unauthorized versions. Just counting authorized editions, 20,000 copies of Pamela were published in the first year, when most other books could expect…… Continue reading Novels & Human Rights Part 2: The Pamela Media Bomb

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2015 Book Challenges (LGBT+ and Romance)

We can take it as a given that I’ll read as many books as I can during any given year. I don’t worry about whether the number is higher or lower — I’m confident that I read what I wanted, when I wanted. However, I still love book challenges! They add a fun kind of…… Continue reading 2015 Book Challenges (LGBT+ and Romance)

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4 Favorite Christmas Books

Looking for something festive to read this Christmas? Perhaps something beyond the usual run of A Christmas Carol and The Polar Express? Look no further! Here are four of my favorite little-known Christmas books. A Bad Kitty Christmas by Nick Bruel Bad Kitty is a delightful series that combines picture books with easy readers. This is one…… Continue reading 4 Favorite Christmas Books

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Sunday Summary 11/2 – Friends are Awesome: Webcomics, Games, Halloween, Romance

It’s funny how themes just develop for these things every week. I don’t do it on purpose, I just keep track of things I want to talk about here, and a theme usually emerges. The theme for this week is friends introducing me to things! The cool link today is for the webcomic Band vs.…… Continue reading Sunday Summary 11/2 – Friends are Awesome: Webcomics, Games, Halloween, Romance


Short Story: Solstice Night

This story takes place in one of the rooms of Eclectic Alli’s Masquerade Ball. It’s based on an idea I had for a holiday in one of my fantasy universes. I’m still messing with the setting, trying out new versions and iterations of the ideas I have inside it… Eventually I’d like to spin the…… Continue reading Short Story: Solstice Night

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Sunday Summary 8/3 – Romance! Feminism! Sci-fi!

New to the Blogroll: Romance Novels for Feminists. I’ve been kinda getting into romance this summer, just a teeny bit. I actually found this blog because I was trying to read Outlander and ended up throwing it down, crying out to the heavens as I have before, “DO ALL ROMANCE NOVELS HAVE TO BE SEXIST??”…… Continue reading Sunday Summary 8/3 – Romance! Feminism! Sci-fi!