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Some Advice for Reading Rooms

As I mentioned in the post on North Carolina museum visits a while back, over the summer I traveled to Duke University for research purposes. I spent just-under 40 hours in the rare-books reading room, mostly scanning documents for my thesis project, which I haven’t discussed at length here but will eventually. In addition, I also spent most…… Continue reading Some Advice for Reading Rooms


Reasons to Love History #9: Like-Minded Individuals

I’m having one of those weeks where I just can’t find anything or remember anything. Did I have a draft of this post from three months ago? Probably, as this post concerns something that happened at the beginning of the semester. Memory will have to do. Senior Seminar is the capstone course in my history B.A.…… Continue reading Reasons to Love History #9: Like-Minded Individuals

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The First Draft Experience

As some of you may be aware, I’m currently working on the senior thesis for my history B.A. — a 20-page historical research paper. (They get longer the further up you go). My topic is the history of literature combined with the history of human rights — specifically, how the novel Pamela by Samuel Richardson influenced human…… Continue reading The First Draft Experience