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Resource Reviews: Pamela, Novels, and Human Rights

As you may be aware, I’ve just finished a research paper entitled “Pamela, or Virtue Rewarded: Novels and Human Rights.” It’s about how Pamela and other 18th-century novels laid a foundation for human rights legislation, via the mechanism of empathy. I’ll be posting content from that paper over the next few weeks/months, but first, here…… Continue reading Resource Reviews: Pamela, Novels, and Human Rights

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History Day Poster Presentation

Okay, apparently it’s NOT Ms. Marvel day today. Ms. Marvel #10 has been moved to December 17. I swear it was moved, though! I suppose I can wait patiently, if “patiently” includes grumblemuttering for four extra weeks. Anyway, to fill the gap, I thought I’d tell you about History Day from yesterday! It’s the day history seniors…… Continue reading History Day Poster Presentation

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Sunday Summary 11/16 – Thesis update

There went another week! I’m having one of those days where I look at what I’ve done and think “Really? Three months of work and this is all you’ve got?” But here’s a to-do list updated from last week: Finish the unimportant part of Pamela.  Skim a few more sources and integrate them, particularly where…… Continue reading Sunday Summary 11/16 – Thesis update