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Where to Find Strong Female Characters

I don’t always like to lump things together based on a trait like “being about a woman.” However, after a Ms. Marvel post a while back, I got to looking at my bookshelves. I realized that even with all my ranting, I don’t necessarily have all that many items that are about women. So, I…… Continue reading Where to Find Strong Female Characters

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Entertainment Recommendations (Liebster #2)!

The very interesting Gene’O of Sourcerer, The Writing Catalog, and Part Time Monster nominated me for another Liebster! Thanks! I did this a couple weeks ago so this is a truncated version. Basically the 10 questions to answer were: “What work of art/artist/character in each of the following categories do you recommend as worthy of attention today? (Doesn’t…… Continue reading Entertainment Recommendations (Liebster #2)!