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Classics Club: Doctor Faustus by Marlowe and Faust by Goethe

The Classics: Doctor Faustus (published in 1604 but performed earlier) by Christopher Marlowe Faust (1808/1832) by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe Was it what I expected?/Did I Like It?/Is it worth reading? I don’t have much to say about Faust, but I thought I should say something, because I wanted to read these plays as part of my many-times-mentioned…… Continue reading Classics Club: Doctor Faustus by Marlowe and Faust by Goethe

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Classics Club: Cain by Lord Byron

The Classic: Cain, a Mystery (1821) by Lord Byron This is a rather obscure play, and as such I couldn’t find a good blurb, but basically it’s a play in poetry clearly inspired by Paradise Lost, telling a story about Cain and his conversations with Lucifer leading up to the murder of Abel. (“Mystery” is used here…… Continue reading Classics Club: Cain by Lord Byron

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Reblog: Banned Books: Shel Silverstein

Originally posted on Mrs H: Books: My first exposure to the work of Shel Silverstein was through the songs of Dr Hook.  Each Sunday in our house was the day that my Dad got to take over the record player and in amongst the repetitious playing of Frank Sinatra and Bob Dylan there would…

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Interesting Carictars: Spirits in Bondage (1919)

______________________________________ Spirits in Bondage These poems were probably written from 1915 to 1918. This time was split between personal tutoring by W.T. Kirkpatrick, studying at Oxford, and service in the infantry. In 1919, Lewis published the poems under the pseudonym Clive Hamilton. This was his first published work, and has the distinction of being one…… Continue reading Interesting Carictars: Spirits in Bondage (1919)

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Nezahualcoyotl: History and Historiography

This is adapted from my Spanish Conquest research paper. It describes Nezahualcoyotl, one of the most fascinating historical characters I’ve encountered, and also embraces the historiography of his life in modern times. I’ve changed the language, targeted it to general readers instead of to a specialist in Latin American history, added some fun facts, and…… Continue reading Nezahualcoyotl: History and Historiography

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Complete C.S. Lewis Reading List

You wouldn’t think it would be that complicated to compile a list of all C.S. Lewis’s books in chronological order, but it totally is. I found a few helpful aids online (linked below), but nothing quite like what I wanted. So, fellow Googlers, here it is in all its glory. I took the easy way…… Continue reading Complete C.S. Lewis Reading List