Novel Update – June and Six-Month Check-In

June What Dreams is at 41,714 words, up from 39,013 in May. So… eh. About average, still not getting that monthly number up by very much. As with last month, I’ve done a good job writing on weekends, I even hit my weekly goal in one Saturday-Sunday stretch, but I hardly ever write on weekdays since…… Continue reading Novel Update – June and Six-Month Check-In

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Novel update — Sci-fi Movie Classics

Hiya nerds! What Dreams is at 39,013 words, up from 36,042 for April. Far behind my extravagant 10,000-a-month goal, but still an improvement. I didn’t do much on weekdays, but usually several thousand each weekend. Those are in short bursts, so it bothers me that I can’t reliably manage short bursts on weekdays. It’s totally counterintuitive. I’m…… Continue reading Novel update — Sci-fi Movie Classics


April Novel Update – Helpful Things

Yay! Progress! What Dreams is at 33,845 words for April, plus 2,197 more of development/outline-y stuff sitting in the document for me to write over. I usually count those words too, since it’s a jumble of notes and dialogue and transitions and whatnot. So that’s 36,042 total, and 4,968 written in the month. I finally…… Continue reading April Novel Update – Helpful Things


Novel Update #12 – Rampant Success

What Dreams is at 28,813 words! This month’s update is mostly about the numbers, along with two supplemental reading recommendations. Goals Met: I passed 28,785 words, making this the longest single project I’ve ever written! This functioned as a particularly effective goal, so I think the new one will be 57,570 — twice as long. That’s around…… Continue reading Novel Update #12 – Rampant Success


Novel Update #11 – A Year of Writing and Next Year’s Goals

I had a vague goal of finishing a first draft in 2014. I knew that wasn’t likely, especially with graduation looming at the end of the year, but aim for the stars and all that. I’d love to have written more, but I think this is decent progress given all the stuff that happened last…… Continue reading Novel Update #11 – A Year of Writing and Next Year’s Goals


Novel Update #10 – Relaunching after Three Months

Congratulations to all y’alll who participated in NaNoWriMo and its spinoffs in November! Nano and I don’t get along at all, but if you got anywhere near your goals, awesome! What Dreams is at 25,522 words. The outline board looks the same, but should warrant a new picture next month. Relaunching So, if you’ve been reading this…… Continue reading Novel Update #10 – Relaunching after Three Months


Novel Update #9 – Actually about a short story

WD is still mostly on pause, I’m just poking at it when I have spare time. However, I did manage to write a 1,750-word short story in October — and in two days! It was a Halloween-inspired story about a fantasy solstice holiday, which I posted here. I didn’t want to clutter that post with commentary, but…… Continue reading Novel Update #9 – Actually about a short story


Novel Update #4: Scene Lists

What Dreams Update: My outline board looks the same, and I’m at 11,792 words. I’ve been doing some editing and scene replacements this month, so the word count hasn’t changed a lot. On Scene Lists and Editing: I’m almost done with the first section! The protagonists will have left planet number 1 by next month. I…… Continue reading Novel Update #4: Scene Lists