Review: Ms. Marvel #7

OHMIGAWD I LOVE THIS SERIES. This issue finishes the Wolverine/Kamala team-up, and I am so sad to see it go. It was a thing of beauty. Most of the issue is about the two of them fighting the Inventor’s megagator, with Wolverine imparting wisdom as they go along. We discover that since the Terrigen bomb…… Continue reading Review: Ms. Marvel #7

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Review: Ms. Marvel #3

Do these have titles? I’m not sure these have titles. No spoilers! Back again with Ms. Marvel! I hope not every issue (and review) will be focused on Kamala Khan’s “Muslim superheroine” status, but again, that’s what makes the comic notable at this point, and this issue brushes up against her religion in a more…… Continue reading Review: Ms. Marvel #3

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Review: Ms. Marvel #2

In issue #2, Kamala saves someone’s life, gets a handle on her new transformation powers, and makes it home from the party. What I liked: I still love Kamala, and I’m really enjoying the art. I can’t wait to see her start interacting with other heroes, hopefully including her idol Captain Marvel!  I like the way she fumbles…… Continue reading Review: Ms. Marvel #2