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#Queerpop Movie Review: G.B.F.

Remember just last week, I was saying we deserve more high-quality queer movies? G.B.F. is the queer high-school comedy-drama you’ve always wanted! Here’s the trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=krEdqwLLASw If you can’t watch the trailer, the basic idea is it’s a 2013 high-school comedy-drama, along the lines of Easy A or Mean Girls. G.B.F.s — Gay Best Friends — are the hot new trend…… Continue reading #Queerpop Movie Review: G.B.F.

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“A Single Man” is My Favorite Queerpop Movie

A Single Man is one of my very favorite movies. That judgment is based on the one time I watched it years ago, and it made me so sad that I didn’t watch it again until now, when I decided a column about queer pop culture couldn’t do without it. It’s from 2009, and Colin Firth got…… Continue reading “A Single Man” is My Favorite Queerpop Movie

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The Man from U.N.C.L.E.: #queerpop or not?

While awaiting Ant-Man last Saturday, I became very confused when presented with this Man from U.N.C.L.E. trailer, because I couldn’t figure out what it was. There’s superhuman strength, is it a superhero movie? Wait, I guess it’s a spy movie… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4kMAYU5lII4 I don’t usually pick up subtext, and eye contact means nothing to me. But my first reaction is…… Continue reading The Man from U.N.C.L.E.: #queerpop or not?

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No Apologies: Man of Steel, the MCU, and Flash Gordon

Today, we discuss three different kinds of comic book movies. The first kind will mostly be represented by Man of Steel, although that’s hardly the only example — there’s both Hulk movies, for instance. These are superhero movies that try to be realistic, which is cool and interesting, but these are also movies that downplay their comic book roots.…… Continue reading No Apologies: Man of Steel, the MCU, and Flash Gordon

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Novel update — Sci-fi Movie Classics

Hiya nerds! What Dreams is at 39,013 words, up from 36,042 for April. Far behind my extravagant 10,000-a-month goal, but still an improvement. I didn’t do much on weekdays, but usually several thousand each weekend. Those are in short bursts, so it bothers me that I can’t reliably manage short bursts on weekdays. It’s totally counterintuitive. I’m…… Continue reading Novel update — Sci-fi Movie Classics

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Sunday Post – #queerpop and other updates

Good morning! Updates on stuff today! Thank you all very much for giving #queerpop a warm welcome last Tuesday! I’ve given the project a mention on my About page and a page of its own, to be expanded as I incorporate regular features within the column and things like that. We’ll have another discussion post this…… Continue reading Sunday Post – #queerpop and other updates


Sunday Post – Caffeinated #Queerpop Edition

If we were having coffee, I’d be pretty excited about it. 😀 I’m mostly limiting caffeinated coffee to writing sessions at the moment, but in virtual coffee time, I can be as hopped up as I want and it won’t hurt a thing later on! Biggest excitement: #queerpop starts on Tuesday. It’s a weekly series…… Continue reading Sunday Post – Caffeinated #Queerpop Edition

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Island of Terror (Film Preservation Blogathon)

The idea of the the Film Preservation Blogathon is to raise money for preserving films! Here are the details from originator Ferdy on Films: Our film is Cupid in Quarantine (1918), a one-reel Strand Comedy that tells the story of a young couple conspiring to stay together by staging a smallpox outbreak. The amount we’re…… Continue reading Island of Terror (Film Preservation Blogathon)

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Tinker Bell Answers

We’ve reached the home stretch, friends! Quick-fire answers to all of Google’s random questions about Tinker Bell movies, to the best of my ability. I’d love to make you gifs and clips and stuff of some of these, but I can’t, so we’re making do… Links are provided where available. If you want pictures, here’s…… Continue reading Tinker Bell Answers

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Tinker Bell Answers: Pixie Hollow Sociology

“does tinkerbell have something to do with green representation” I have no idea what green representation is, and Google has failed me. So… maybe? Maybe this refers to environmental themes or environmentalists? If so, you could probably find that in the movies. The whole design is very nature-y, the fairies all work with nature, etc.…… Continue reading Tinker Bell Answers: Pixie Hollow Sociology