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Update: August! Urban fantasy, Ant-Man, book hoard update.

Hi everybody, how’s it going? I had a pretty good July, looking forward to a good August too. I’ve been reading actual novels again, slowly. I seem to have raised my standards in the months I’ve only been reading comics, so I’ve started and abandoned several books. Most notably, I tried to read Pirate’s Alley by Suzanne…… Continue reading Update: August! Urban fantasy, Ant-Man, book hoard update.

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Update: March!

January was the longest year of my life, but February only took what, a week? Bleh. I’m finally feeling better after the great allergic reaction of December 2017. I’ve gotten furniture built in my apartment, so I had space to get out a lot of my books and plushies! It’s not everything yet, some of…… Continue reading Update: March!

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Update: December!

No Trek post this month, Comparative Geeks is on a hiatus, but Trek shall return! This past month I’ve really been focused on apartment stuff, and yet somehow I’ve gotten behind on it at the same time? I still have so many things to clean and organize, not to mention furniture to assemble and more…… Continue reading Update: December!

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Ant-Man is the New Iron Man

I think it’s fair to say Iron Man launched a monumentally successful series of movies. It’s also fair to say Iron Man was a surprise hit in many ways, so Marvel didn’t exactly know where they were headed at the time. In the years since the rather unfortunate Iron Man 2, the Marvel Cinematic Universe has learned a valuable…… Continue reading Ant-Man is the New Iron Man

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No Apologies: Man of Steel, the MCU, and Flash Gordon

Today, we discuss three different kinds of comic book movies. The first kind will mostly be represented by Man of Steel, although that’s hardly the only example — there’s both Hulk movies, for instance. These are superhero movies that try to be realistic, which is cool and interesting, but these are also movies that downplay their comic book roots.…… Continue reading No Apologies: Man of Steel, the MCU, and Flash Gordon

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The Sunday Post – Marvel Cinematic Universe

The happenings — Y’all, I finished Agent Carter, and it is awesome. Peggy Carter is the best of everything. More please. My inner monologue is currently in Peggy’s accent, I pretend I’m Peggy at work (reports become codes, web searches become investigations…) and I may have already bought some clothes just because they looked like…… Continue reading The Sunday Post – Marvel Cinematic Universe

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Review: “Captain America: The Winter Soldier”

Some spoilers, mostly minor. I’ve been seeing a lot of people say Winter Soldier is the best Marvel movie. I wouldn’t go that far — nothing here blew my mind — but it was pretty darn good. The Plot: Captain America was my least favorite Phase One Marvel movie, for the simple reason that the…… Continue reading Review: “Captain America: The Winter Soldier”

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Loki Fights Like a Girl, and That’s a Good Thing

Minor spoilers if you haven’t seen Thor: The Dark World. The first Thor movie is absolutely my favorite Marvel movie, and I was happy with the sequel, too. A few weeks ago, I saw this on Pinterest: Basically, it’s an observation that Loki’s Asgardian mother Frigga fights the same way Loki does: with trickery. Loki’s signature…… Continue reading Loki Fights Like a Girl, and That’s a Good Thing

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Review of “Thor: The Dark World” (no spoilers)

In short: super awesome movie! The long version below is mainly about Marvel movies in general. Bits and Bobs – Stunning visuals. A lot of flights through Asgard and crazy-cool fight scenes. – Jane Foster still has nothing to do with anything. I like her, and they did work her into the plot, but still.…… Continue reading Review of “Thor: The Dark World” (no spoilers)