Review: Ms. Marvel #15

This’ll be a short review, because there’s just so much I don’t want to spoil! Ms. Marvel #15 is a triumphant ending to the Kamala-crush arc. It’s everything I hoped it would be — Kamala realizes Kamran is a jerk, indeed a villain, but more importantly she realizes that it’s not her fault. Kamran tries…… Continue reading Review: Ms. Marvel #15


Review: Ms. Marvel #14

The second collected volume of Ms. Marvel, Generation Why, is now available! If you’ve been waiting for it, wait no longer! Spoilers below. Ms. Marvel #14 starts right where the last issue left off, with Kamran revealing his identity as an Inhuman. This was a VERY quick issue. We skip along through some more date-y stuff, sneaking out…… Continue reading Review: Ms. Marvel #14

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Review: Alif the Unseen by G. Willow Wilson

You have no idea how much I want you to read this book. I have a confession to make — I hardly ever pay attention to who writes my comic books. Sometimes I see a name and it looks vaguely familiar. Very rarely do I remember the names or who writes what. It’s all pretty…… Continue reading Review: Alif the Unseen by G. Willow Wilson

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Review: Ms. Marvel #3

Do these have titles? I’m not sure these have titles. No spoilers! Back again with Ms. Marvel! I hope not every issue (and review) will be focused on Kamala Khan’s “Muslim superheroine” status, but again, that’s what makes the comic notable at this point, and this issue brushes up against her religion in a more…… Continue reading Review: Ms. Marvel #3

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Review: Ms. Marvel #2

In issue #2, Kamala saves someone’s life, gets a handle on her new transformation powers, and makes it home from the party. What I liked: I still love Kamala, and I’m really enjoying the art. I can’t wait to see her start interacting with other heroes, hopefully including her idol Captain Marvel!  I like the way she fumbles…… Continue reading Review: Ms. Marvel #2