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Semester Review: Historiography Book List

I went back and forth on doing a semester review for last fall. Two of the classes (Museum Administration and History of American Architecture) would be difficult to sum up and not terribly helpful for anyone else. I have had people ask me for grad school book recommendations though, so I finally decided to just…… Continue reading Semester Review: Historiography Book List

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Historiography of the Queer South

I’ve spent the past few weeks frantically trying to finish up the semester. Here’s the first of the two papers I’ve been talking about — a summary of the history books that have been written about LGBT history in the South up to this point. I’d intended to add an annotated bibliography, but that’s pretty…… Continue reading Historiography of the Queer South

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Nezahualcoyotl: History and Historiography

This is adapted from my Spanish Conquest research paper. It describes Nezahualcoyotl, one of the most fascinating historical characters I’ve encountered, and also embraces the historiography of his life in modern times. I’ve changed the language, targeted it to general readers instead of to a specialist in Latin American history, added some fun facts, and…… Continue reading Nezahualcoyotl: History and Historiography


4 Reasons You Should Care About History

Do you remember getting up this morning? Where did you go, what did you do? Why? This morning, I packed a book to loan to my dear friend, the illustrious Don Slee, Esq., because yesterday he told me he needed it. I care about that because we’re friends. We’ve interacted on many different occasions. If…… Continue reading 4 Reasons You Should Care About History