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No Apologies: Man of Steel, the MCU, and Flash Gordon

Today, we discuss three different kinds of comic book movies. The first kind will mostly be represented by Man of Steel, although that’s hardly the only example — there’s both Hulk movies, for instance. These are superhero movies that try to be realistic, which is cool and interesting, but these are also movies that downplay their comic book roots.…… Continue reading No Apologies: Man of Steel, the MCU, and Flash Gordon

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Sunday Post – #queerpop and other updates

Good morning! Updates on stuff today! Thank you all very much for giving #queerpop a warm welcome last Tuesday! I’ve given the project a mention on my About page and a page of its own, to be expanded as I incorporate regular features within the column and things like that. We’ll have another discussion post this…… Continue reading Sunday Post – #queerpop and other updates


April Novel Update – Helpful Things

Yay! Progress! What Dreams is at 33,845 words for April, plus 2,197 more of development/outline-y stuff sitting in the document for me to write over. I usually count those words too, since it’s a jumble of notes and dialogue and transitions and whatnot. So that’s 36,042 total, and 4,968 written in the month. I finally…… Continue reading April Novel Update – Helpful Things

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A to Z: Moondragon

Aside from having the best name ever, Moondragon is a very cool Marvel hero with a fair number of appearances, who yet remains a slightly-obscure character. Here’s how Wikipedia introduces her: “A vastly powerful telepath, master martial artist, minor telekinetic, and highly skilled geneticist, Moondragon’s most notable characteristics are her shaved head, superiority complex, and achieving excellence…… Continue reading A to Z: Moondragon

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Book Recommendations Inspired by Doctor Who

Lately at work I’ve been putting together a flyer tentatively titled, “Books to Read If You Like Doctor Who.” (I know, right? My job is awesome.) Unfortunately Google let me down as far as preexisting lists. It’s also limited to adult books that are available in county public libraries. I’ve worked up a usable list…… Continue reading Book Recommendations Inspired by Doctor Who