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#WeekendCoffeeShare: Star Trek Column and Happy New Year

First, I’m on Comparative Geeks today talking about upcoming stuff in “Star Trek: The Year Ahead,” check it out and let me know what posts you’d like to see! Second, if we were having coffee, I’d be having espresso and already be jittering in my seat ready to go. I’m tearing through my to-do list…… Continue reading #WeekendCoffeeShare: Star Trek Column and Happy New Year


Novel Update #12 – Rampant Success

What Dreams is at 28,813 words! This month’s update is mostly about the numbers, along with two supplemental reading recommendations. Goals Met: I passed 28,785 words, making this the longest single project I’ve ever written! This functioned as a particularly effective goal, so I think the new one will be 57,570 — twice as long. That’s around…… Continue reading Novel Update #12 – Rampant Success


Novel Update #11 – A Year of Writing and Next Year’s Goals

I had a vague goal of finishing a first draft in 2014. I knew that wasn’t likely, especially with graduation looming at the end of the year, but aim for the stars and all that. I’d love to have written more, but I think this is decent progress given all the stuff that happened last…… Continue reading Novel Update #11 – A Year of Writing and Next Year’s Goals


On Goal Calendars for Writing

I’ve made one more addition to my writing regime: A calendar/checklist for “having written a page that day.” I was going to mention it in my monthly novel update for April, but it was longish and I thought it might be useful for people if I broke everything down into details. There are any number…… Continue reading On Goal Calendars for Writing