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LGBT+ Picture Books: OMG Dresses!

On Monday we talked about family list books including same-sex parents. Yesterday we talked about the slightly more sophisticated books for toddlers explaining that same-sex parents are just like other parents and their kids are happy. Some of these books are adorable and great, but they don’t talk about gender, bisexuality, or trans identities for…… Continue reading LGBT+ Picture Books: OMG Dresses!

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Review: The Boxtrolls (2014)

Before The Boxtrolls came out in 2014, it was getting buzz for its creepy Burton-style animation and a same-sex couple shown in one of the trailers. Then it hit theaters and I heard, well, nothing. That kind of response doesn’t really mean anything except that people didn’t go see it in the first place, but…… Continue reading Review: The Boxtrolls (2014)

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Review: The Keepers Trilogy by Lian Tanner

The Keepers Trilogy is a middle-grade fantasy by Lian Tanner, consisting of Museum of Thieves, City of Lies, and Path of Beasts, published 2011-2013 and complete as a trilogy. It’s a hidden gem, found through sheer serendipity — I searched for the word “museum” in my library’s ebook database to see what came up, and Museum of Thieves was the…… Continue reading Review: The Keepers Trilogy by Lian Tanner