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20 Reynard-Approved Fox Picture Books

Reynard the Fox has a great many children, and they all love books about foxes, particularly picture books. I also happen to love picture books, so I’ve become something of an expert in the “picture books about foxes” subgenre. Reynard has two rules for foxy picture books: No cannibalism or attempted cannibalism. Talking foxes do not…… Continue reading 20 Reynard-Approved Fox Picture Books

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A Positive Review of Gotham

Three television viewers break into whoops, cheers, and insane flailing. What would cause such a thing? Oswald Cobblepot walking into a police station and saying, “Hello.” Then the viewers replay the scene and cheer all over again, because we really love Gotham at my house. We love it a lot. On a scale of one…… Continue reading A Positive Review of Gotham