A Reader on Evolution

I mentioned in my last post that I wasn’t taught anything about evolution in school. I was homeschooled, and on the whole I’m very grateful for it. I was mostly self-directed, got a much deeper education than I could’ve expected at an Alabama public school, had much more control over my social life, and transitioned…… Continue reading A Reader on Evolution

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Museum Visit: Bartow History Museum and Tellus Science Museum

Several weeks ago, I made a special trip to Cartersville, Georgia, to visit the Bartow History Museum and the Tellus Science Museum. (Cartersville also contains the very large Booth Western Art Museum, which unfortunately I couldn’t fit into my day trip, but some other time!) Bartow History Museum A local history museum for Bartow County.…… Continue reading Museum Visit: Bartow History Museum and Tellus Science Museum


Flash Fiction: “Rawr!”

One of Nerd in the Brain’s summer challenges is “Write a short story about a dinosaur meeting an alien.” I happen to have a character who’s an alien dinosaur, so my first thought was “Gamma meeting himself!” and I wrote up a little story about it. Enjoy! Gamma had always loved dinosaurs. When he was little, he’d…… Continue reading Flash Fiction: “Rawr!”