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Sunday Summary 12/14 – Graduation!

I must apologize for the one lonely post this week. I think this is the first week in a year that I’ve only posted once, but I’m not going back to check… I even had one or two basically-ready-to-go things I could’ve posted, but didn’t even have the time/energy to look them up and post…… Continue reading Sunday Summary 12/14 – Graduation!

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History Day Poster Presentation

Okay, apparently it’s NOT Ms. Marvel day today. Ms. Marvel #10 has been moved to December 17. I swear it was moved, though! I suppose I can wait patiently, if “patiently” includes grumblemuttering for four extra weeks. Anyway, to fill the gap, I thought I’d tell you about History Day from yesterday! It’s the day history seniors…… Continue reading History Day Poster Presentation

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Sunday Summary 11/16 – Thesis update

There went another week! I’m having one of those days where I look at what I’ve done and think “Really? Three months of work and this is all you’ve got?” But here’s a to-do list updated from last week: Finish the unimportant part of Pamela.  Skim a few more sources and integrate them, particularly where…… Continue reading Sunday Summary 11/16 – Thesis update


Reasons to Love History #9: Like-Minded Individuals

I’m having one of those weeks where I just can’t find anything or remember anything. Did I have a draft of this post from three months ago? Probably, as this post concerns something that happened at the beginning of the semester. Memory will have to do. Senior Seminar is the capstone course in my history B.A.…… Continue reading Reasons to Love History #9: Like-Minded Individuals

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The First Draft Experience

As some of you may be aware, I’m currently working on the senior thesis for my history B.A. — a 20-page historical research paper. (They get longer the further up you go). My topic is the history of literature combined with the history of human rights — specifically, how the novel Pamela by Samuel Richardson influenced human…… Continue reading The First Draft Experience

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Banned Books Week: Pamela

Pamela, or Virtue Rewarded is a novel from 1740 written by Samuel Richardson, and the subject of my undergrad thesis. I’m studying its cultural impact. Pamela doesn’t stir up much controversy now, it’s not generally assigned to anyone to read, but when it was first published it was a pretty big deal! A debate raged over the appropriate content…… Continue reading Banned Books Week: Pamela


Talk Like a Pirate Day: Real Pirates

My friend Connor M. is doing his senior research on pirates and privateers, and in honor of Talk Like a Pirate Day, graciously agreed to become this blog’s first guest poster! I mentioned the other day I don’t know much about real pirates… little did I know he was already writing on real pirates as…… Continue reading Talk Like a Pirate Day: Real Pirates

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History Paper Abstract – Novels and Human Rights

I was going to post about My Story Can Beat Up Your Story again today, but with the unexpected appearance of Ms. Marvel #8 and various other things going on, I haven’t had time to get into it and have decided to postpone that until next week. One of the “various other things” was me trying to get this…… Continue reading History Paper Abstract – Novels and Human Rights

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Semester Review: Summer 2014 (Constitutional Law)

I only took one summer class, back in June. It was Constitutional Law, a required class for my Political Science minor. It sounded super imposing — I mean, Constitutional Law! — but actually it was really interesting, because most of the time we don’t talk about the judicial system when we talk about America’s government. That’s basically…… Continue reading Semester Review: Summer 2014 (Constitutional Law)