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Doctor Who Review: The Girl Who Died

“The Girl Who Died” was all right. Not awful, but a little disappointing after the last four. For starters, it’s all very strange and more than a little silly. It’s corny jokes interspersed with heart-rending infant poetry as translated by the Doctor, with a heavy helping of odd characterization for him and Clara. There’s no…… Continue reading Doctor Who Review: The Girl Who Died


Novel Update #10 – Relaunching after Three Months

Congratulations to all y’alll who participated in NaNoWriMo and its spinoffs in November! Nano and I don’t get along at all, but if you got anywhere near your goals, awesome! What Dreams is at 25,522 words. The outline board looks the same, but should warrant a new picture next month. Relaunching So, if you’ve been reading this…… Continue reading Novel Update #10 – Relaunching after Three Months

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Diverse Worldbuilding with Minor Characters

As I mentioned yesterday, I’m writing again after several months of research paper stuff, and I keep getting distracted by minor characters. However, this is really a feature, not a bug! Don’t you want your readers to be interested in all your characters? Compelling incidental characters make the story’s world seem more realistic. They indicate…… Continue reading Diverse Worldbuilding with Minor Characters