Freestyle Writing Challenge – Smoggy Alien Giants

Melissa Barker-Simpson tagged me for the Freestyle Writing Challenge! I followed the rules (below) and I didn’t check my prompt until time to write. I wasn’t sure if it was meant to be fiction or non — it’s not in the rules. Melissa’s prompt seemed more fiction-y, but my nominees can do either. Here’s her prompt:…… Continue reading Freestyle Writing Challenge – Smoggy Alien Giants

Queer · Romance

2015 Book Challenges (LGBT+ and Romance)

We can take it as a given that I’ll read as many books as I can during any given year. I don’t worry about whether the number is higher or lower — I’m confident that I read what I wanted, when I wanted. However, I still love book challenges! They add a fun kind of…… Continue reading 2015 Book Challenges (LGBT+ and Romance)