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Epic Reads Book Tag

Hi everyone, it’s time for another thrilling book tag! It’s the Epic Reads tag, which I found on Maxxesbooktopia. I didn’t see any rules, so it’s just a quick set of questions and answers, most of which turned out to be very thought-provoking and/or difficult to pin down. 1) If you could invite one author and…… Continue reading Epic Reads Book Tag

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Interesting Carictars: The Scandal of C.S. Lewis and Mrs. Moore

I’m prepping the post on All My Road Before Me: The Diary of C.S. Lewis, but I thought it was worth delaying it until next week to talk about Mrs. Moore, or “D.” Lewis kept a diary from 1922-1927, largely at the behest of Mrs. Janie Moore/D, with whom he lived at the time, along with her…… Continue reading Interesting Carictars: The Scandal of C.S. Lewis and Mrs. Moore

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Interesting Carictars: Spirits in Bondage (1919)

______________________________________ Spirits in Bondage These poems were probably written from 1915 to 1918. This time was split between personal tutoring by W.T. Kirkpatrick, studying at Oxford, and service in the infantry. In 1919, Lewis published the poems under the pseudonym Clive Hamilton. This was his first published work, and has the distinction of being one…… Continue reading Interesting Carictars: Spirits in Bondage (1919)

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Complete C.S. Lewis Reading List

You wouldn’t think it would be that complicated to compile a list of all C.S. Lewis’s books in chronological order, but it totally is. I found a few helpful aids online (linked below), but nothing quite like what I wanted. So, fellow Googlers, here it is in all its glory. I took the easy way…… Continue reading Complete C.S. Lewis Reading List

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Review: The Great Divorce On Stage

I’m a huge C.S. Lewis fan, and I’ve loved Max McLean’s stage productions of his stuff. I’ve driven three hours each way to Atlanta to see his The Screwtape Letters – twice. Tickets to The Great Divorce were part of a Christmas present from my mom and I’ve been looking forward to it for literal…… Continue reading Review: The Great Divorce On Stage