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Is This Feminist? DC Comics Bombshells

Knowing me, you might expect me to have something to say about the Wonder Woman movie. It is my new favorite movie. Moving on to a very related topic, I’ve got another feminist superhero comic for you! The DC Comics Bombshells started as an art line by Ant Lucia, which became a DC statue line, and…… Continue reading Is This Feminist? DC Comics Bombshells

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Book Riot Recs: Comic Books

Welcome back to my Book Riot Read Harder Challenge recommendations! The last post gave some suggestions for fulfilling the queer prompts, and this one will do the same for the comic-specific prompts. I counted comics in a handful of categories last year, but there are two in this challenge that specifically require you to read…… Continue reading Book Riot Recs: Comic Books

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A to Z: The Question (Renee Montoya)

Renee Montoya’s meta-history is just as interesting as her in-character backstory. She was an original character created for the Batman: The Animated Series show in 1992 — an honest cop and a woman of color. Along with other fan-favorite TAS characters like Harley Quinn, she made the jump to DC Comics canon and has since…… Continue reading A to Z: The Question (Renee Montoya)

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A to Z: Batwoman

For our second entry we have a modern woman, a member of the Batfamily, and (arguably) DC Comics’ most-prominent LGBT+ character: out lesbian Kate Kane, aka Batwoman. A former student at the US Military Academy, she was discharged under Don’t Ask Don’t Tell. Her father, also military, supported her decision to tell the truth, and…… Continue reading A to Z: Batwoman

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Where to Find Strong Female Characters in Comics

This week, I’m posting lists of my favorite stories that have female protagonists or POVs. Today I’m featuring comics, including series and individual books. Leave your recommendations in the comments, especially if they’re nothing like these, and check back Friday for open discussion on strong female characters! Comics can be hard to get into if…… Continue reading Where to Find Strong Female Characters in Comics