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Feminist Friday: Women in Refrigerators

The term “women in refrigerators” comes from the world of comic books — a world that’s still opaque to many people. Fear not, though. This post is about how that term actually applies to everything else! In 1999, writer Gail Simone first used the term “women in refrigerators” to discuss women in comics. The name comes…… Continue reading Feminist Friday: Women in Refrigerators

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A Positive Review of Gotham

Three television viewers break into whoops, cheers, and insane flailing. What would cause such a thing? Oswald Cobblepot walking into a police station and saying, “Hello.” Then the viewers replay the scene and cheer all over again, because we really love Gotham at my house. We love it a lot. On a scale of one…… Continue reading A Positive Review of Gotham

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My Top 10 DC and Marvel Characters

Just for funsies, here are my top 10 superheroes and supervillains! (It’s only limited to DC and Marvel because I’ve got another list coming…) As with any favorites list, these are entirely subjective, and the explanatory notes are merely veiled iterations of “I just like ’em.” They’re on this list because when they appear in a…… Continue reading My Top 10 DC and Marvel Characters


Newbies Aren’t Ruining Anything: A Comic Book Memoir

On this day in 2008, I read my first comic book. It was Watchmen.  I’d loved several superhero movies, specifically X-Men and Spiderman — and by “loved,” I mean “was obsessed with beyond all reason.” (My mother will gladly attest to this). My attempts to read real comics hadn’t gone well, though. They were too complicated, and too boring. (I now…… Continue reading Newbies Aren’t Ruining Anything: A Comic Book Memoir

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Trailer Tuesday/DC on TV/Anticipation for Representation

So I couldn’t pick a title. Think of it as Choose Your Own Adventure in title form! At any rate, I’ve been watching trailers for the new DC shows, and I have scowly fangirl thoughts. Constantine Okay, it’s just one trailer. Maybe it’ll be different. Maybe the jokes will actually be funny, and the…… Continue reading Trailer Tuesday/DC on TV/Anticipation for Representation

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All My Batman Loot

Jeremy Defatta asked for pictures/descriptions of people’s Batman collections. So, I hauled out all my stuff and took a bunch of pictures, because that’s the kind of thing I do at 11:00 pm. I have a problem. (But seriously though, I didn’t go out and buy most of this stuff, it’s a venerable tradition to…… Continue reading All My Batman Loot

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Old Advertisements: Bruce Wayne Wears Armani

Okay, it’s not very old, it’s from July 2008, but it amuses me. Christian Bale didn’t want to be exploited for advertisements surrounding his turn as Batman… So this ad explicitly states that Giorgio Armani is hand-making suits for BRUCE WAYNE. Completely different person. I think this is a page from Departures Magazine. I actually…… Continue reading Old Advertisements: Bruce Wayne Wears Armani

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Batman, The Hobbit, and Modern Mythmaking (spoiler-free)

My friend Rose posted the other day about why LeVar Burton is awesome, and that reminded me I’d been meaning to write this post. I’m sure this is weird coming from me, since I often don’t like adaptations and usually am not excited about them, but reimaginings, adaptations, remakes, sequels, and reiterations are how new…… Continue reading Batman, The Hobbit, and Modern Mythmaking (spoiler-free)