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Banned Books Week: Pamela

Pamela, or Virtue Rewarded is a novel from 1740 written by Samuel Richardson, and the subject of my undergrad thesis. I’m studying its cultural impact. Pamela doesn’t stir up much controversy now, it’s not generally assigned to anyone to read, but when it was first published it was a pretty big deal! A debate raged over the appropriate content…… Continue reading Banned Books Week: Pamela

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Reblog: Thursday Thirteen: Banned and Challenged Classics

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In case you haven’t heard, it’s Banned Books Week. Since I’m a fan of books and I love intellectual freedom, I feel as though it would be a sin to let the week pass without a banned books post. As I mentioned earlier today, Hannah Givens is hosting a week-long banned…


Reblog: Banned Book Week: To Kill a Mockingbird

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To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee I still remember reading this book as an 8th grader.  I think it was one of the first books for school that we actually bought.  An avid reader by that point, I always loved when I got to read actual books for school. Like…

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Reblog: Celebrate Banned Books Week

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Did you know that this week is the American Library Association’s Banned Books Week? Some people laugh when they hear a reference to banned books. They think, “Well, thank goodness we don’t do that anymore!” Here is the scary thing – communities may not be turning out to…

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Reblog: Banned Books: Shel Silverstein

Originally posted on Mrs H: Books: My first exposure to the work of Shel Silverstein was through the songs of Dr Hook.  Each Sunday in our house was the day that my Dad got to take over the record player and in amongst the repetitious playing of Frank Sinatra and Bob Dylan there would…

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Banned Books Week: “The Most Famous Challenged and Banned Books” Event

In the interest of time, instead of a book profile today, I’ve got an event to talk about! “The Most Famous Challenged and Banned Books” was a talk given by Dr. William Hutchings of the UAB Department of English at one of my local libraries. The audience was about twenty to twenty-five people of mature years. I was…… Continue reading Banned Books Week: “The Most Famous Challenged and Banned Books” Event

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Banned Books Week: Harry Potter and the Handwritten Warnings

Doesn’t that sound like a Harry Potter title? 😉 Bear with me through the Harry Potter remembrances, I do have a point. Over the weekend, while Banned Books Week was getting under way, I saw various blog posts listing popular and well-respected books that have been challenged. Harry Potter is usually on the list, and…… Continue reading Banned Books Week: Harry Potter and the Handwritten Warnings