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Review: Fish by L.S. Matthews

I love fish. I love books about fish. So, I searched the word “fish” in my library’s ebook system, and I found Fish by L.S. Matthews: a remarkable little children’s book about a refugee family. Their child, Tiger, saves a fish from a drying-up puddle and takes across the border with them on the hope that they’ll…… Continue reading Review: Fish by L.S. Matthews

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Artemis Fowl: A Study in Underestimation

This year I finally finished the Artemis Fowl series by Eoin Colfer in its entirety. This is a series I loved when I was younger, but I didn’t stay caught up with new releases, so I ended up not reading the last three or four books. In the past two years I re-listened to all…… Continue reading Artemis Fowl: A Study in Underestimation

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Bookriot 2016 Read Harder Challenge Recap

  I completed the Bookriot Read Harder Challenge! Back in July I posted a list of queer books matching each challenge prompt, and this will be a list of the books I actually read. (Only a few of them overlap, because I always try to fill challenges with books already high on my TBR). Here’s a…… Continue reading Bookriot 2016 Read Harder Challenge Recap

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Review: Ireland by Frank Delaney

Ireland, by Frank Delaney, published in 2005. A 576-page novel about Ireland, oral traditions, family, and the texture of history. It doesn’t sound like my kind of thing, really, but it turned out to be incredible. Here’s the description: One wintry evening in 1951, an itinerant storyteller — a Seanchai, the very last practitioner of a…… Continue reading Review: Ireland by Frank Delaney

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Bonus Sunday Post – Decatur Book Festival!

I wouldn’t normally post twice on the same day, but this is a quick one! A bit of a ramble, a kind of mini-haul, and a bit of #LazyLambs chitchat. I started off doing this as a Facebook post, but it was suuuuper long and there are blog-related things in it, sooo… Let’s talk about…… Continue reading Bonus Sunday Post – Decatur Book Festival!