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Review: Something Missing by Matthew Dicks

I’m not sure what to make of Something Missing, and I don’t know if I’ll want to read any more books by Matthew Dicks, but I enjoyed it if only because it was so very different. It’s worth reading the summary: A career criminal with OCD tendencies and a savant-like genius for bringing order to his crime…… Continue reading Review: Something Missing by Matthew Dicks

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News: You Can Pay Me to Read Your Manuscript

If you read my blog, you know I care about books, and about diverse representation in those books. I also believe that writers can and will create characters outside their own experiences, not only for their own benefit but in service of a more realistic story that shows a variety of people with different backgrounds…… Continue reading News: You Can Pay Me to Read Your Manuscript

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Some Advice for Reading Rooms

As I mentioned in the post on North Carolina museum visits a while back, over the summer I traveled to Duke University for research purposes. I spent just-under 40 hours in the rare-books reading room, mostly scanning documents for my thesis project, which I haven’t discussed at length here but will eventually. In addition, I also spent most…… Continue reading Some Advice for Reading Rooms