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#queerpop: Do You Wanna Buy This Yogurt?

Chobani is the latest company to make waves with a queer-themed advertisement, following after controversies like the rainbow-Oreo ad or the pictures of happy same-sex couples in the JC Penney catalog. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b3Z5pAZe0E8&spfreload=10 The ad in question shows two hot women in bed, one of them eating yogurt and one sleeping. I admit, I didn’t know…… Continue reading #queerpop: Do You Wanna Buy This Yogurt?


Old Advertisements: Reese’s Pieces 1985

Okay, I have no idea why I think this is so funny, but I keep giggling every time I look at it: It’s from Star Trek #14, May 1985, when DC was publishing a comic series based on the then-new-and-ongoing movie series (II, III, and IV). Reese’s Pieces debuted in 1978, and got popular in…… Continue reading Old Advertisements: Reese’s Pieces 1985

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Old Advertisements: Harlan Ellison on Doctor Who

In my last post, “Reasons to Love History #6: Old Advertisements,” I talked about how important old ads can be, and how much fun they are. This is another fandom example, but a much longer one. I found a Doctor Who ad in the back of an old novel! Alas, it’s not an ad for…… Continue reading Old Advertisements: Harlan Ellison on Doctor Who