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Two Pride & Prejudice Graphic Novels

Pride & Prejudice is, deservedly, famous. It’s my favorite of the three Jane Austen novels I’ve read, but it doesn’t seem to work well in adaptation. It’s long, it’s detailed, it’s subtle. I do love Colin Firth as Mr. Darcy, but I have no particular attachment to other elements of the movies/miniseries/zombifications/etc. I found two separate…… Continue reading Two Pride & Prejudice Graphic Novels

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Review: Hamlet, Prince of Denmark by Hartley & Hewson

This review is about an Audible exclusive audiobook, which I realize limits its accessibility. However, if you’d like to read a cheaper ebook version, that’s also available. Most of us are pretty familiar with Hamlet. I love the play and have read the original a few times, seen three or four movie versions, and read any number…… Continue reading Review: Hamlet, Prince of Denmark by Hartley & Hewson

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Review: Netflix’s Series of Unfortunate Events

I’ve been anxiously awaiting Netflix’s A Series of Unfortunate Events since the first announcement, and it’s surpassed by wildest expectations. Rich aesthetics, witty and gripping, manages to be unexpected despite my love of the books, and the whole production team seems to have wholeheartedly embraced creating this slightly off-kilter world. And it has an intro sequence with…… Continue reading Review: Netflix’s Series of Unfortunate Events