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Book Recommendations Inspired by Doctor Who

Lately at work I’ve been putting together a flyer tentatively titled, “Books to Read If You Like Doctor Who.” (I know, right? My job is awesome.) Unfortunately Google let me down as far as preexisting lists. It’s also limited to adult books that are available in county public libraries. I’ve worked up a usable list…… Continue reading Book Recommendations Inspired by Doctor Who

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Entertainment Recommendations (Liebster #2)!

The very interesting Gene’O of Sourcerer, The Writing Catalog, and Part Time Monster nominated me for another Liebster! Thanks! I did this a couple weeks ago so this is a truncated version. Basically the 10 questions to answer were: “What work of art/artist/character in each of the following categories do you recommend as worthy of attention today? (Doesn’t…… Continue reading Entertainment Recommendations (Liebster #2)!

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Book Recommendations from 2013

I read 160 books this year. (I’m told I’m a fast reader. This also includes graphic novels, picture books, and school books.) I read 236 last year, but I’ve had less time with various school events and whatnot, and I’ve purposefully devoted some reading time to my own writing. Here’s the breakdown: Adult fiction: 14…… Continue reading Book Recommendations from 2013