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Novel update — Sci-fi Movie Classics

Hiya nerds! What Dreams is at 39,013 words, up from 36,042 for April. Far behind my extravagant 10,000-a-month goal, but still an improvement. I didn’t do much on weekdays, but usually several thousand each weekend. Those are in short bursts, so it bothers me that I can’t reliably manage short bursts on weekdays. It’s totally counterintuitive. I’m…… Continue reading Novel update — Sci-fi Movie Classics

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A to Z: Elfquest

Behold, Elfquest, a beautifully drawn comic from Wendy and Richard Pini. It’s been ongoing since 1978! It’s sort of a D&D-esque thing with a central tribe of elves, outcast by the humans. Lots and lots of arcs, but I’m told it’s heading toward a completion — a beginning, middle, and end, all planned from the…… Continue reading A to Z: Elfquest