Review: “Batman: Blind Justice” by Sam Hamm

Batman: Blind Justice is an odd graphic novel from 1989, one I hadn’t heard anything about until my brother gave me a stack of comics he thought I might like and included the second issue of this story. Here’s the description: When Bruce Wayne refuses to allow illegal mindcontrol experiments to continue at Wayne Technology, he…… Continue reading Review: “Batman: Blind Justice” by Sam Hamm

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Review: The Wish List by Eoin Colfer

So, we all know I love Artemis Fowl, and I love Airman even more. Eoin Colfer is a great writer, and his books seem to lend themselves well to audiobooks, so I keep on listening. That’s how I ended up with The Wish List, which is far from being one of his well-known titles. It’s not the…… Continue reading Review: The Wish List by Eoin Colfer

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Classics Club: Doctor Faustus by Marlowe and Faust by Goethe

The Classics: Doctor Faustus (published in 1604 but performed earlier) by Christopher Marlowe Faust (1808/1832) by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe Was it what I expected?/Did I Like It?/Is it worth reading? I don’t have much to say about Faust, but I thought I should say something, because I wanted to read these plays as part of my many-times-mentioned…… Continue reading Classics Club: Doctor Faustus by Marlowe and Faust by Goethe

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Review: Seven Men by Max Beerbohm

I’m picky about short stories. They have to be truly amazing for me to care at all. Where worldbuilding or a few interesting characters might get me through a novel, a short story has limited pages to make an impression. I have some I like, mostly science fiction (or scifi-inflected) with the occasional classic like…… Continue reading Review: Seven Men by Max Beerbohm

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Update: June!

As you can see, my plans for posting more in May didn’t happen, but still. We carry on. I’ve spent some time contemplating the blog and whether or not it needs a more narrow niche, but decided not to really change anything, just more fully embrace the fact that I mostly review books I don’t…… Continue reading Update: June!


Review: “Batman: New Gotham” by Greg Rucka

I realized recently that I don’t review very many comics of the superhero variety here, which is odd, because I read tons of them and its one of my very favorite genres. I think I mostly talk myself out of it because I know superheroes are kind of a niche and confusing to a lot…… Continue reading Review: “Batman: New Gotham” by Greg Rucka

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Review: Anna Mercury by Warren Ellis

I mentioned Saturday that Anna Mercury by Warren Ellis is a comic book that’s frustrating because I want more of it. Upon reflection, I decided there’s really more to say about it, so here we are. It’s one volume that’s mostly setup for a larger series that never appeared, so I can’t recommend it for sheer pleasure…… Continue reading Review: Anna Mercury by Warren Ellis


Hamilton (Comic-)Book Tag

Behold, a book tag based on Hamilton songs! I found it on Rustling Reads, and it was created by Maureen Keavy. I’m doing it with a twist — all comic book answers! That’s mostly what I’ve been reading lately, and the categories seemed to work much better for the massive longform storytelling genre anyway. I tag…… Continue reading Hamilton (Comic-)Book Tag