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Meet the Malimores: Thad, Reynard, and Micah

Well, technically I think Reynard’s last name is “the Fox,” but close enough… Thad, Reynard, and Micah are the fathers of Diana, Cleo, and Aldra Malimore, the heroes of a fantasy serial currently in progress. For information about Rose B. Fischer’s fantasy serial, The Foxes of Synn, go here. For an introduction to Reynard, my…… Continue reading Meet the Malimores: Thad, Reynard, and Micah

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Sunday Post – An Introduction to Reynard the Fox

Rose B. Fischer has been my friend and writing partner for quite some time now, and a lot of our characters know each other. This summer, she’s releasing installments of a serial story about three fox sisters named Aldra, Diana, and Cleo, set on a world called Synn. (The first one is free today, check it…… Continue reading Sunday Post – An Introduction to Reynard the Fox


Novel Update – June and Six-Month Check-In

June What Dreams is at 41,714 words, up from 39,013 in May. So… eh. About average, still not getting that monthly number up by very much. As with last month, I’ve done a good job writing on weekends, I even hit my weekly goal in one Saturday-Sunday stretch, but I hardly ever write on weekdays since…… Continue reading Novel Update – June and Six-Month Check-In

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#queerpop: What Marriage Equality Means for Pop Culture

The celebrations were long, enthusiastic, and well-deserved after Friday’s Supreme Court ruling making marriage equality mandatory. This was the defining legal battle for queer rights in the US, and it’s done! Of course, even though it was the battle, it’s not the only battle. This doesn’t affect hate crimes legislation or employment discrimination, for instance……… Continue reading #queerpop: What Marriage Equality Means for Pop Culture

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Novel update — Sci-fi Movie Classics

Hiya nerds! What Dreams is at 39,013 words, up from 36,042 for April. Far behind my extravagant 10,000-a-month goal, but still an improvement. I didn’t do much on weekdays, but usually several thousand each weekend. Those are in short bursts, so it bothers me that I can’t reliably manage short bursts on weekdays. It’s totally counterintuitive. I’m…… Continue reading Novel update — Sci-fi Movie Classics


Freestyle Writing Challenge – Smoggy Alien Giants

Melissa Barker-Simpson tagged me for the Freestyle Writing Challenge! I followed the rules (below) and I didn’t check my prompt until time to write. I wasn’t sure if it was meant to be fiction or non — it’s not in the rules. Melissa’s prompt seemed more fiction-y, but my nominees can do either. Here’s her prompt:…… Continue reading Freestyle Writing Challenge – Smoggy Alien Giants


April Novel Update – Helpful Things

Yay! Progress! What Dreams is at 33,845 words for April, plus 2,197 more of development/outline-y stuff sitting in the document for me to write over. I usually count those words too, since it’s a jumble of notes and dialogue and transitions and whatnot. So that’s 36,042 total, and 4,968 written in the month. I finally…… Continue reading April Novel Update – Helpful Things


Snippet: Solstice Trick

Hi there, readers! Remember Eclectic Alli’s story blog parties? There’s another one going on right now, loosely centered around April 1 and “things are not what they seem.” Last Halloween’s story about the masquerade ball was an early exploration of a larger story, and for this event, I’ve got a short snippet continuing where I left off.…… Continue reading Snippet: Solstice Trick

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Author Hunter Murphy on Gay Southern Characters

Three weeks ago, I reviewed the new book Imogene in New Orleans by Hunter Murphy — a cozy mystery about Jackson Miller, his partner Billy, and Billy’s mother Imogene. I don’t see a lot of Southern fiction with gay characters, let alone central characters in relationships, so I was more than thrilled when Hunter agreed to write…… Continue reading Author Hunter Murphy on Gay Southern Characters


Novel Update #12 – Rampant Success

What Dreams is at 28,813 words! This month’s update is mostly about the numbers, along with two supplemental reading recommendations. Goals Met: I passed 28,785 words, making this the longest single project I’ve ever written! This functioned as a particularly effective goal, so I think the new one will be 57,570 — twice as long. That’s around…… Continue reading Novel Update #12 – Rampant Success