Interesting Carictars (C.S. Lewis)

Interesting Carictars is my crazy blog series in which I read all of C.S. Lewis’ books in chronological order. Let me tell you, he wrote a lot more books than I originally thought! This page is here to collect the posts, FAQ, and any helpful or interesting resources I come across (send me stuff)!

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The Title:

The title comes from the first words of the first play included in Boxen, hence the first words Lewis is known to have written:


(A Comedy)

Interesting carictars. Famous ones. For instance, Sir Big, a world-famed gentleman. A very good choreus and nice scenry.

The List:  Complete C.S. Lewis Reading List (with supplemental reading)

Disclaimer: Obviously, Lewis writes on religious topics. I’m interested in Lewis as a person, I relate strongly to his literature, I like comparing theologies, and I’m interested in how spirituality expresses itself in fiction, but that doesn’t mean I agree with everything I read. My intention is absolutely not to promote Christianity or Lewis’s particular iteration of it, and this isn’t about tearing down his arguments either.  I neither advocate nor vilify; I only describe. Please do comment and discuss, and religious topics are welcome, but comments that are proselytizing, spamming, or being mean will be deleted.

The Posts: (posts on books are left-aligned, other posts indented)

Project Announcement

May Intro

Boxen (1906)

Phantastes by George MacDonald

Spirits in Bondage (1919)

Inklings of Oxford by Harry Lee Poe & James Ray Veneman

The Scandal of C.S. Lewis and Mrs. Moore

All My Road Before Me: The Diary of C.S. Lewis (1922-1927)

Quotes from All My Road Before Me: The Diary of C.S. Lewis

Dymer (1926)

Narrative Poems (1930ish)

Poems (1930+)

The Everlasting Man by G.K. Chesterton



C.S. Lewis Chronology:

C.S. Lewis reading room:

Official Website of C.S. Lewis

Small group discussion guides for some of C.S. Lewis’ popular works (scroll down)

Fun Stuff:

All the Known Audio of C.S. Lewis Speaking

Find your local C.S. Lewis Society

See the books Lewis owned at his LibraryThing Legacy Library

Tolkien’s “Mythopoeia”: Part 1 – blog posts analyzing a poem Tolkien wrote to Lewis.

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