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Update: June!

As you can see, my plans for posting more in May didn’t happen, but still. We carry on. I’ve spent some time contemplating the blog and whether or not it needs a more narrow niche, but decided not to really change anything, just more fully embrace the fact that I mostly review books I don’t see anyone else talking about because they’re old or queer or comics or about Satan or for whatever reason. I definitely like hearing about new and popular books from other bloggers who keep up with them, and may review popular stuff occasionally if I have something to say about it, but usually I want to talk about a book because it strikes me as different. So, I’ve slightly updated my little about-me widget in the sidebar, but other than that no major changes. (I may try to do weekly posts for a bit instead of biweekly until I have more material built up again, but that’s not a big deal.)

So, in June, I saw both Deadpool 2 and Infinity War, on the same day. Loved Deadpool 2 — it was funny, engrossing, in character, thematically rich, diverse. Infinity War was pointless at best and problematic at worst. The main Avengers movies are usually the weakest links in the MCU chain, I was prepared for that, but even my rage over Black Widow’s treatment in Age of Ultron didn’t prepare me for how awful Infinity War was going to be to its female characters. Then toss on top how it treated its black characters and the whole nation of Wakanda we’re all devoted to and threw billions of dollars at Marvel for, and I am just. Upset.

The expanse promo image

On the bright side, I finally started watching The Expanse, a Syfy (now Amazon) show everyone’s been saying is must-watch TV for sci-fi fans. I don’t know yet if it’s that vital, and I haven’t seen the other current sci-fi shows (mainly Dark Matter and Killjoys from what I can tell). So, my opinion is somewhat limited. But I can say that it’s really good sci-fi, some of the best I’ve ever seen on TV. It’s got detailed worldbuilding, an interesting setting in the future but not the near or extremely far future, a spacefaring culture we can get a grip on and understand. The cinematography is cramped, in a good way, immersive for ships and space stations that look futuristic but also still feel like the space ships we already construct, mechanical vessels that can break down and aren’t built for comfort. The first episode in particular has awesome zero-gravity sequences and the whole thing is pretty hard sci-fi, especially for a TV show. The characters are super interesting too though, especially the supporting characters, and the showrunners have gone above and beyond to get diverse actors who suit the characters. (The show is based on a book series.) Anyway, I’m super into it and highly recommend it so far.

What have you been up to this month?




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